Monday, January 09, 2012

The Auditions

The Bethel Global Outreach is looking for bright and talented members in the newest ministry established in the church, the production team. Last January 4, 2012, the Bethel Global Outreach (BGO) conducted an audition for multimedia, design, ushers and emcees. Also, the Theosebes Dance Crew (TDC) had an audition for members. The auditions were joined by many BGO members, of all ages.

Just to give you a glimpse of the roles and responsibilities of the production team, here it goes:

Design Team: The responsibility the design team is more on the physical arrangement and designs of the Church. This year, the production team plans to have different concepts every month. Not just inside the church, but for the big events such as anniversary, School of Leaders(SOL) graduation, Christmas Party, and events which will be conducted outside the church.

Multimedia Team: Video, sound and photo editing, power point presentations are the task that a multimedia member will hold into account. Every week they are in charge of a presention during the whole Sunday Service.

Ushers: They are assigned of accompanying the members and visitors of the Church to maintain the good camaraderie and ambiance. They assist, they monitor, and they entertain.

Emcees: Emcees will bring energy to the Church. Its main role is to captivate the attention of church members and add some excitement on what will happen next every service. They should have be attention drawer, the one who is energetic and with a sense of humor.

Theosebes Dance Crew: Theosebes means “Worshipper of the Living God”. TDC members need to express their love of God through dancing. They are in charge for the worship, and production numbers.
Here are some of the scenes taken from the auditions:

The search for TDC members:
I am so grateful that I was exempted on the TDC’s audition since I already dance in several events last year.

Here's a glimpse of the audition for TDC:

TDC dancing Victory...

The search for the Design Team:
Actually, I didn’t think that the test will be a drawing. Oh my gosh! I’m not good at this field. My drawing is like of a kinder. Here’s the proof:

Thanks to my ever supportive bestfriend, my cell leader, Jeanne Mae Dela Cruz.. :D

Here are the scenes during the Designer's audition:

And yes, I did not pass for the Design Team. I did not felt bad because I know the other participants were better than me. I just gave it a try.

I also auditioned for Multimedia because I want to apply and use the skills I learned during college. The exam we had is photo editing. My concept was about “winning souls and make disciples”. I used some of the photos they provided and played with the text. And grateful, I passed the audition. Whoa! Sorry I’ve got no photos.

The audition was a success. This 2012, we are looking for a better and brighter opportunity for BGO. Through this, we believe that we will win souls and make disciples more! The production team will be the reflection of what our church is. It will be the front door of the eyes of the people so we have to exert the best effort we can. Using these God-given talents for sure we will continue to grow personally and spiritually. Level up!

Level Up,

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