Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Nescafe 3in1 Sweet n’ Mild Jingle: “Good Morning sa Inyo”

After Nescafe’s famous slogan “Para kanino ka bumabangon” (For whom do you wake up?), here comes another advertisement that left in the minds of the Filipino viewers. As their new product Nescafe 3in1 Sweet ‘n Mild was endorsed, here is “Good Morning sa Inyo” (Good morning to you) jingle.

This was indeed a hit! Anywhere and anytime of the day, I am hearing this from people: of any age and professions, almost everyone loves this jingle. This also turns out to be a last song syndrome (LSS). Super contagious!

I also heard this commercial on radio, but it was only once, and I never got the chance to remember the first stanza. I apologize for that. The jingle was a bit longer on radio.

The lyrics? Oh, it’s very easy to memorize. Here it goes:

Ang aga-aga, ang bitter.
Gawin nating ‘yang sweeter.

Good morning sa inyo.
Sweet and mild ang kasama ko.
Tamis na iyong hatid.
Umaga ay walang pait.
Good morning sa inyo.

Do you know that SUNSHINE is its title? I just read it from another blog. And no doubt, whenever I hear it around, the one who sings it has a smile on his face (and some listeners as well).  It deserves the title, and it really turned out bitter moments into sweet ones. This has been a very good and cool advertisement for the newest Nescafe 3in1 Sweet ‘n Mild. I believe this jingle is a good aura creator.

What about the singer? For now I don’t know who she is but she really has a good voice. Somehow her voice sounds a bit like 100 days to Heaven’s OST. But if ever she wants to be a star? I think this is a great start of her career, just like Nikki Gil’s Coca Cola and Tony Gonzaga’s Sprite commercial paved the way for their Stardom. But for sure she’ll receive some not so good comments about her facial expressions on the commercial. Forget about her acting; just listen to her angelic and Disney voice. :D

What’s the taste? I’m neither a coffee drinker nor addict but still I want to try it in order to know if the wonderfully made advertisement justifies the experience of the product. I’ll update this blog one of these days :D . Sweet and Mild is the latest variation of Nescafe 3in1 following Original, Strong ‘n Rich, and Brown ‘n Creamy.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to blog this :D

Love and Kisses,

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  1. If only you could provied the whole TV version ad, been looking for this T__T


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