Saturday, October 08, 2011

A Tribute to my College Professors

Belated happy teacher’s day! It’s better to be late than never.

This is my way to recognize my great college professors at Bulacan State University-Sarmiento Campus with utmost appreciation and sweetest thoughts ever. I salute each of them as they continue to impart the best knowledge and thoughts they can contribute to their beloved students. They work not just to earn money, but they love their profession as mentors and builders of the future generation. Teachers are the living heroes. Let’s get to know them one by one.



Mrs. Marites Valendez – a.k.a ‘Mam Babes’ is one of the sweetest professors I ever had. I like it when she calls her students “baby”. I cannot forget her because of her funny expressions such as “por Diyos, por Santo”. I also adore her fashion statement. I believe she will be forever young at heart.

Mrs. Lorelei Consuelo – Reporting in her class was a very challenging one and I accepted that and made my best out of it. Glad I made a history. It was the first time she gave a grade of flat one in reporting. She was known for letting the students show what we got through presentations. 

Mrs. Rizelyn Marantan – I always see her around the university and I always dreamed to become her student because I am hearing good student feedbacks about her. It was granted as she became my Mass Communication professor in 4th year. She really proved those feedbacks right as I really enjoyed the class with her: somehow unwinding from the stress of thesis.  I adore her passion for journalism as she even provides finances for Laurel publication just to keep the organization persist.

Mr. Enrique Reyes – You’re the man for me Sir Eric! He opened my eyes to my wildest imagination about Philippine literature and how I wish we had World literature class so he became my professor for a longer time. The way he delivers stories seems like he was at the very same moment when it happened. Nakakabitin. I want more from you!

Dr. Pedro Abanador – One of the funniest professors I encountered. I can say there are no dull moments in his class. Though he’s a doctor, he remained down to earth and not boastful to introduce himself just to gain the highest respect and approval of the students.


Ms. Teresita Breguera – They say Statistics is easy. But I really find it hard (maybe because I have no good foundation in Mathematics way back in Highschool. I did not focus on it well). Mam Breguera looks tough but still I believe she has a soft heart. I cannot forget her line in the midst of our make or break final exam, “Mga bata pa naman kayo kaya pwede pa kayo umulit”. Mixed emotions arose from our class, but everyone indeed laugh about it.

Mr. Adolfo Victorino – Though I’m not good in Mathematics, thank God he still passed me in his class. His character somehow made me curious. I found him full of mystery as his handkerchief covering his mouth shows.

Engr. Rusty Bartolome – He’s good at teaching trigonometry and is open for conversations and easier explanations for the students. He is one of the cutest professors I had. Farewell, Sir.


Mr. Antolin Pangan – Because of him I learned balance sheets and T legends. I found accounting a cool class, it only has simple algorithms and yet when you go down to the result, uh oh, “not balance”, which made the class a bit exciting and thrilling.


Engr. Evelyn Almazan – She’s been my professor for less than a month. But still I got a chance to know her. I think she’s a supportive professor to her students. She’s God fearing and portrays’ a motherly role as a professor.

Sir Arnel Gutierrez – I praise him as he pushes himself to teach his class in English way. He is somehow strict, but still he gives consideration. I admire his figure, he seems like he regularly visits the gym. I also adore his dancing talent.

Engr. Natalie Zamora – She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever known. I admire her for her courage to fight the battle of living and dying. She is one of the reasons why I became an advocate of the Mother Earth. She’s very inspiring. A friend of mine said that she is the only professor who acknowledged his talent in public. With regards to talent unleashing, Mam Nat always stands out among the professors as she continues to enhance the choir organization in the University.


Ms. Lea S. Bueno – The easy-to-hang-out professor is like her. Filipino classes have never been cool for me before until she became my mentor. She’s jolly and she also gets a chance to deliver jokes to her students outside the class but still we owe big respect to her.


Mr. Sherwin Pariñas – I label him as male-fashion icon professor. It is very impossible that you can’t notice him walking in the corridors. You nerves will really tell you to look at him. I find him an observant one, he talks less but indeed he’s a man of wisdom. Aside from that, he’s a talented one: singer slash dancer. Can we ask for more?

Sir Edwin Sandel – I learned my rights and he opened to me so many thoughts about politics and governance that I’ve never known and understand before. I like his way of teaching using case studies. The Philippine Constitution became a stock knowledge to me. 

Sir Ruben – I discovered many things during psychology class in him. I cannot forget how he defined psychology in the coolest but easiest way it can be.

Mrs. Chona Dulay – We became close during her stay in BSU as she became our Student Government adviser. She’s a soft hearted professor.

Ms. Melissa Azarcon – Mam Mel is nice and delivers lessons very well. Aside from it, she is very cute and cool one.


Engr. Zenaida BuendiaNi hao! Learning Mandarin was so hard for me and it’s as if I’m learning A-B-C-D again but in a foreign language. Our Director, as I look at her at the office, looks strict and a very disciplinary professor. But sitting in her class changed everything. She made it a point that it will not tend out to be boring as she makes it extremely funny and full of learning.


Mrs. Carol C. Baylon – Who would have thought that this sporty professor also have the moves on the dance floor? Wow! That was the word I said as I saw her dancing on ‘Faculty-on-Stage’ during her Rumba dance. The strong muscles that she has as she throws the softball are extremely the opposite as she waves her waist and gracefully extends her arms like a dance port contestant.

Sir Randy – My first impression to him was he was a scary professor. His physical feature says it all. But when you got to know him and actually have a chance to seat and listen to him, I salute him for his love of sports and physical education. He is the living proof of the saying “don’t judge the book by its cover.”

Sir Aries – I absolutely enjoyed the whole semester I got the chance to be with him. He introduced me ballroom dancing and I made it a point to always have my best in every performance that I had in his class, be in practice or in examinations. Learning ballroom dance was entertaining and exciting with him.


Ms. Eleonor Palomo – The long I stayed in the university was the chance I had to see her develop fully. Everyday, she grows prettier and prettier in my eyes. Aside from that, she is really kind-hearted and understanding professor.

Mrs. Ma. Belen De Leon – A professor who has the extended heart to the students and the unschooled youths is what she has. She’s like a motherly professor.


Engr. Richard Sta. Maria –Though I never got a chance to seat and learn a subject from him, still his fond support for the OJT students was appraising and seems never ending. He’s easy to approach whenever I asked, and I have to mention this: He is a cool and nice professor.


Sir Louie Cajanding – I never got the chance to be his student though somehow he became a part of my college journey. He is very welcoming and I can come to him everywhere in the school. He doesn’t even refuse to answer each of my questions. He is easy to get along with.


Ms. Shiela G. Reyes – I understand the fact that it was her first time to teach when she became our professor. That’s why she was some how striving to teach us better. But as I stayed for 4 years in the university, I’ve seen her grow and I can say she’s becoming better in her profession as days go by.

Mr. Mario Salvador –He is a down to earth person and a very supportive one. His students love his effort of making funny things and expressions. He acknowledges all his students even we are out of the class and ‘tambay’ at the corridors. We are very proud that ‘Dingdong Dantes’ of BulSU-SC is from our department.

Ms. Jennifer Repaso – ‘Anyways’ is the expression I cannot forget from her. An understanding and considerate character is what she possesses. She is also a fashionable professor and aside from that, she dances very well. 

Ms. Laura G. LlarenaI learned the lesson the hard way from her but I admit it was one of the best ways on becoming skilled at information technology and I valued what it is all about. Many students don’t easily accept and understand her technique and brag her from being harsh. But getting to recognize her style, she doesn’t want a spoon-fed type of education and we have to take her criticisms constructively. She only gives theories and clues and it is now our way to discover what’s next. I know you will agree with me that she is a versatile professor. She always asked the class “why?” and she will not leave you around until you she digs up the answer from you.

Mrs. Elenita Capariño – My first programming teacher. One of the kindest professors at BulSu is who she is. She is very concern, understanding and appreciative. She always gives chances to does students who struggles to comply her requirements. You can count on her and she’s willing to connect with you anytime of the day. By the way, I also find her sexy. ;)

Engr. Mariciel Baligod – Sex appeal was what she really has. I really admire her: when the wind blows her hair, the way she talks, and she looks at you is really mesmerizing. She appears to me as the lead star of my favorite action movie “So close”.

Engr. Mary Grace HermogenesShe is one of the most disciplinary professors at BulSU. She easily gets annoyed to noisy and naughty students (who would never be) and yet she stills have the forgiving heart. I admire her mastery on the subjects that she teaches and she deserves her position as the IT Department Head. All of my class in her is about logic and I find it both challenging and pleasurable. It is very seldom to see her smile and that’s why I like it when she does.

Engr. Miriam Pariñas From her I am at ease, feel the 100% safe and portrays both as a mother and professor. During our tough times working at our thesis, she wholeheartedly and unstoppably support us on each and every plans that we make. Unknowing, she lifts up some spirit, wisdom and inspiration for our group. Each and every time I got a chance to talk to her was really a comfortable. She still made her self accountable for every mistake that our group created and made it a point to also explain and fix the problem with the panel.

Engr. Marlon HernandezHe is your professor next door. A multi-talented person: good at networking, programming, multimedia and of course, photography. He’s making his way to be the best in his passion for photography. I like the fact that he even makes his student his friends, use to hang-out with them and make some activities beyond school. But still, he stays professional and we owe respect to him. I never found him taking advantage of his students knowing the fact that he has the ‘looks’. There is one incident that I had with him I can never forget and I know he knows that.


All of these professors keep on mastering their crafts.

I genuinely praise and honor all of the enthusiastic professors at BulSU-SC who passionately dedicate themselves to educate the students unconditionally. Our relationship as student-professor will forever and will always be in my heart. They have different personalities with different fields of expertise but still gather all together with same vision and goals in my second home, my Alma Mater. You will always be a special part of me. Kudos to you my great professors!

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.  ~Henry Adams

Thank you so much deep within my heart. Thank you, thank you.

Forever grateful,

BSIT Graduate


  1. It's nice that you still remember all the names of your professors, goodness I can't remember mine! Let's just say that though I don't remember all, I do remember the ones that mattered. :)

  2. That's the reason I made this.. So I won't forget their names as time fades :D


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