Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Trick or Treat with ZomBaliw

As the first day of November comes, Filipinos, particularly the Roman Catholics, as a tradition used to light candles in front of their houses in memories of their love ones.

This season, the All Saint’s and all Soul’s day would never be complete without these spooky stuffs:
  • Halloween Party
  • Horror Movies
  • Trick or Treat
  • Haunted houses and places trips

Unlike the usual activities of Filipino kids, who loved to play and collect the dried fallen candle waxes on the night of November 1st, , things already changed. Since last year, children living in our village started to have a trick or treat. It seems like it’s another version of caroling at Christmas, but on the shortest way and most prepared way, putting make ups, bringing pumpkins and buckets and singing or shouting, “Happy Halloween, Trick or Treat!” The houses around our village warmly enjoy those kids having fun as they gave money and candies. I think these kids were really inspired and influenced by watching one of the famous cartoons in their generation, Spongebob Squarepants.

My sister wore on a make-up to some kids, using only lipstick and eyeliner. I put a make up on my cousin and to myself. I prepared for this one, so I bought a witch hat.

I achieve this look by highlighting my eyes with a smoky eye shadow, putting my red lip liner under my eyes and applying my black liquid eyeliner on my lips. How ironic, right?

Do I look Witch or just stress?

I want blood!!!

Over all I super enjoyed the celebration, though it’s cheap, what matters is seeing those happy faces by the kids around me, especially my nephew who really portrays his role very well. Creepy!

I labeled my self as Zombaliw (Half Zombie, half crazy).

Meet Zombaliw and friends:

Watch the video below to see the whole footage of Purpshellay turned out to her alter ego, Zombaliw.

I'm freaking crazy! Bwahahaha!!!!!

Spooky yours,


  1. Hi Shey:) This blog is cute.. hahaha You look stress not a witch.. Great blog great job :) Keep it up :)

  2. Thanks Ekah.. you are really a good friend.. :))


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