Sunday, November 27, 2011

Goodbye Twenteen, Hello Twenty One!

Turning at twenty one is another milestone in my life’s journey. Saying goodbye to the past 365 days made me realize that it was like a total roller coaster ride. There are many things that happened and even changed me, mold me as a person in all aspects.  There were lots of twists and turns, ups and downs when I was at twenty and so grateful for all the blessings I received and some are listed below:
  • I came back to dancing.
  • I was born again.
  • I graduated as BS Information Technology.
  • I got my first job, ever!
  • I became a SEO Specialist.
  • I fell in love. Bleh! :P

Aside from this, I can say that from my experiences that year, I learned to value my family and friends so much. I became more matured in so many ways: spiritually, emotionally, a bit financially and so much socially. Relationship is what I build and continue to build.

Ok, need I say more? Let’s now move forward on how I celebrated this day.


Indeed it was a happy one. Actually, I really have no plans on celebrating this day. NO PLANS AT ALL. No celebrations, treats, due to my tight schedule. That’s why so many UNEXPECTED things happened and I enumerate them here. 

It was my first time to celebrate birthday at work and I was so overwhelmed how my co-employees greeted when the clock hit at 12:00 midnight. It was so funny how our Website Developer pulled my office chair and took me out of the office, then to the elevator (he wants me to go outside) and back to the office. We are like playing and in the office (at our age?). Take note: I was not wearing my doll shoes that moment. Weird and funny, haha!

My co-SEOs surprised me as they put watta tops cupcakes and a candle in a plate. I was really touched. Truly! I was so happy realizing they exert and effort to surprise me. Thank you team!

We also had our fourth Kris Kringle, category: something really, really BIG. When we are about to open each gifts one by one, laugh was in the air all around. Who would have thought that these gifts were given: A big yellow Christmas lantern, fruit cocktails, and a blue basin wrapped in newspaper like a package delivery! Super weird yet so funny. And the winner for a P100 gift check from Starbucks is tentenene…!!! The one who gave Big Zesto and Big Crunch. Really BIG, literal. Haha

Our Company President treated us. It is unusual that our boss goes out in our office and takes a drink during our break time. And he then treated us with a drink and we’ve got to strike a pose and take some photos outside. Thanks Sir! You save me from my blow out though it’s just coincidental, haha. :D

A dinner date at Chickboy. This was really not planned. I have no plans on going to Sta. Maria, Bulacan just to eat there! Thanks to Angelito for treating me. We both love unli stuffs: load, and foods, bottomless drinks. My stomach is so full and I loosen my belt. Their Cebu Lechon Manok and Cebu Lechon Paksiw Liempo meals were so delightful. They really got the Pinoy taste. They transformed ‘turon’ into a stick to be dipped in sweet ‘yema’-like paste. The ambiance, tables, chairs, and most especially the menu is really a Filipino trademark. For the unlimited love and to the Chocolate cake, thank you Angelito!

Will my facebook friends forget me? Thank you for the overloaded greetings posted in my wall. To Theosebes Dance Crew, sorry I was not able to join the practice but thank you for understanding. And to those who remembered my day and greeted me through text, thank you so much. I was like a trending topic on my birthday. Haha! Efoehday, tinakasan ko ba kayo? Bawi nalang sa get together natin. :P

Thank you of course to the supreme, the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Almighty God, my father, my creator and my Savior for allowing me to step at this age of my life. Having your guidance and protection leads me to the right way for always. Thank you that each day, you are changing me, teaching me to love people who seem not deserved to be loved. For being faithful though there are times I am unfaithful to you. For being my driver, my security guard, my co employees, my boss, my friend, thank you so much.

I am really overwhelmed, grateful and feeling super blessed. To my friends, family, co-employees, and God, I am now expressing my warmest gratitude for you who had contributed to make my day such a great and wonderful day to be remembered.

P.S. What’s my birthday wish? Nothing. I just loved people giving wishes and prayers for me and I am just celebrating seeing those blessings outpouring in me, asked by me or not. That is truly more than enough. NO I’M NOT LUCKY I’M BLESSED, yes!

My Warmest Gratitude,

*** note: images are not the real ones.. hehehe

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