Monday, December 26, 2011

Purple Madness

Purple has been with me since elementary. And when I'm in highschool there I realized that it was my favorite color, not pink nor yellow that I thought I really love. (That's how power rangers influenced me as a kid.. haha).

Since then I love to collect purple stuffs, to wear and eat anything purple. I have always been biased with purple. Whenever I see any shades of it (lavender, lilac, violet) it totally drive away my stress. It brightens my day. It has always been an apple of my eye, the subject of my affection.

Long Hair No More

Elementary . Highschool. College

For those stages of schooling I am labeled to have a long hair, not just a long hair: A healthy, black and straight hair. (I'm just stating the facts, period.. hahaha)

I have always been afraid to go out of my comfort zone. Just like with my hair, I have a haircut just once or twice in a year. And I am not used on playing with hair ties after elementary where I have my hair stylist named Rachelle. For sometime I just play with it, put some bangs, one side or kimpy, rebond and even put a highlights on it, but it's still a LONG HAIR after all. 

This is my last photo with long hair taken last Dec. 18, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bigger, Better and Brighter Christmas Tree

Christmas season would be incomplete without decors and bright lights. Filipinos tend to start decorating their houses as early as September comes. 

Since I was a child I love to see big Christmas trees, with different sizes and colors, with flowers, bells and balls hanging in there, and of course, the gifts below it. And sometimes when I drop by in some houses, I asked myself, “Do I have my name written on it?”. It’s so exciting and overwhelming whenever I receive wrap gifts. But more that that, I enjoy wrapping gifts my self rather than receiving and like the saying goes, “it is better to give than to receive”. It values more than money putted in envelop, because the effort of thinking what the best gift for you is there.

This baby Shasta tree was with us every Christmas celebration. When we realized it’s small and wrap presents are bigger than it, we place it atop of our divider which makes it positioned better.

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