Monday, February 13, 2012

Pambihirang Harvest

After more than a month of preparation, the waiting has come to an end. The Bethel Global Outreach (BGO) celebrated its eleventh anniversary last February 12, 2012 with the theme Pambihirang Harvest (Exceptional Harvest).

The church decided to do the concept of a classic Fiesta (Pinoy-style feast). The whole venue was surrounded with yellow banderitas. The stage was build up with bamboos and the center stage was even designed like a fa├žade of a bahay kubo (nipa hut).

The Stage Facade

All the church workers and performers were required to wear a farmers’ dress, whether a checkered or a long sleeve, pants folded, with a farmer’s hat. Some even worn boots. On the other hand, the usherettes have worn the national dress, the baro’t saya, Maria Clara and Filipiniana.

The Music Team

The Usherettes

And not just that, the foods prepared were all kakanin: suman, puto, biko, maja, palitaw, buko pandan, and many more. Oh! This was such a delight! I love kakanin!

Mamita and the Kakanins

All the School of Leaders 1 and 2 students were required to invite three persons to be part of this event. The whole church expected to accommodate 600 people and I am proud that we are too close to achieve that.

Pastor Boy Bonus, share his life’s testimony and the Word of God. An ex-convict, a killer, an addict, a man who’s not good in the eyes of everybody stood up and shared how he encountered God and how his life totally turned up-side-down.

Mamita, Pastor Allan and Pastor Boy Bonus

The production team of BGO (where I am part of), reflects about the results of our first major event this year. For us, we agreed that one of the highlights of the event was the production number by the Theosebes Dance Crew (TDC).

Dance Ministry (TDC)

Kudos for the TDC! The whole month of preparation were paid-off.

On my personal experience, honestly this was my first time as a TDC member danced smiling. Because I have this great thought in my heart that whoa! I am dancing for God’s glory and I want that exceptional joy manifest in my performance. Not all were given a chance to stand in the stage and I am very overwhelmed and thankful for this opportunity.

Upon the preparation, honestly I am so tired but I am happy seeing the whole church, of different ages and gender, gathered together to prepare for this once in a year celebration for our church.

I witnessed how female parents joined me doing the banderitas, and how busy they were preparing for the food to be serve for everybody.

I witnessed how male parents do the construction of the whole stage.

I witnessed how the youths supported, prepared and practiced to give the best for the performances on the stage: The music team and the dance ministry.

I witnessed how the production team (design, multimedia, ushers) brainstormed just to come up with this exceptional theme and do the props.

I witnessed how dedicated and passionate Pastor Allan, Mamita, and the Cell Leaders were on winning the lost souls and make this event bigger and greater than the past years.

I witnessed how the whole church pray and fast for ten days in order for this event to come the way we expected and aimed it to be.

I witnessed how simple people, the members of the church, do exceptional things for church's activities.

At the end of the event, we took unlimited photos. That was a relieved!


I wonder why Kodak moments are a relieving factor that drives away all the tiredness and heaviness we have.

I know we are all busy people, in studies, work, and so many things, but all of us took time to be part of this month-long preparation. We took this not as a SACRIFICE but a PRIVILEDGE doing church works. We are all tired, but all of the efforts and expenses were all paid-off. The VICTORY is for us and the PLEASURE is for God. I was so amazed and feel very much fulfilled for the success of this event. We have on the victory. Yes, we really do.

For the Victory and Fulfillment,

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