Thursday, February 02, 2012

First BGO Cosplay: Masquerade Ball

The first ever Cosplay event was held at Bethel Global Outreach with the theme: Masquerade Ball. It had more than a hundred of participants, guests and newbies from the two youth service last January 29, 2012. With their most fashionable attire, the youth participants have worn their fabulous masks: of different colors, shapes, styles, and shine.

The Production Team

I like the fact that the youth really prepared for this event as the ladies even put make up on their face, some curled their hair, worn dazzling accessories, borrowed and rent a cocktail dress that they can wear. On the other hand, even the gentlemen prepared for this with their cool masks, clean-cut and waxed hair, and formal attires.

Here is the glimpse of the youths who participated for the masquerade ball:

The Masquerade Ball was started with the energetic emcees Jenny and Jonathan.


A delightful presentation was also presented by Jeff: the Gospel Magician(in the middle).

Then I was given the authority to choose the top 3 ladies and gentlemen who were stunning and stand-out among the whole crowd: from their cocktail dresses and suits, to their artistic and glittering masks. And here they are:

Top 3 ladies (1st service): (L-R) Menchie, Sheryl, Ate Lerma

Top 3 gentlemen (1st service): (L-R) Gerald, Jerick, Harold

Masquerade King and Queen (1st service): Menchie and Harold 

Top 3 ladies  (2nd service): (L-R) Nica, Janella, Andrea

Top 3 gentlemen  (2nd service): (L-R) Jomar, Jeremy, Axl

Masquerade King and Queen  (2nd service): Jeremy and Janella

And here's the powerful Music Team:

(L-R) Zabdiel, Hyacie, Michael, Jeanne, William

Of course this event would not be complete without the main reason of our gathering, to worship the Lord and listen to His Word.

The Word, entitled "Integrity" simply illustrates how most Christians live a dual identity: In church you look good, but outside is the opposite. The Word aims us to realize how we can change ourselves with these 3 points:

1. Honesty

2. Dependability

3. Purity

It was the anointed Kuya Ton and Joey who delivered the Word to us.

Kuya Ton

The success of this event would be impossible without the efforts exerted by the whole production team and the music ministry and of course with Pastor Allan Ramos' approval to conduct this event.

See how cool our Pastor is??? :)

And we also have the Photoboot:

Me and my cell leader:

Ladies in black and yellow

Friends forever

Bromance... Kidding :P

Ate Lheiny's Cell

P.S. The production team plans to conduct cosplay events every 5th Sunday of the month. We are looking forward for the next event this April. The theme? You'll soon figure out. :D

To God be the Glory,

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