Monday, December 26, 2011

Long Hair No More

Elementary . Highschool. College

For those stages of schooling I am labeled to have a long hair, not just a long hair: A healthy, black and straight hair. (I'm just stating the facts, period.. hahaha)

I have always been afraid to go out of my comfort zone. Just like with my hair, I have a haircut just once or twice in a year. And I am not used on playing with hair ties after elementary where I have my hair stylist named Rachelle. For sometime I just play with it, put some bangs, one side or kimpy, rebond and even put a highlights on it, but it's still a LONG HAIR after all. 

This is my last photo with long hair taken last Dec. 18, 2011

This is how long it was... before...

 And now... tandadadan!!!!!

My new look:

As of now it's like a major and big decision I've ever made in my life. I cut my hair above my shoulder. Yes! It is really a shortest one!

A lot of neighbors and friends asked me why I did this, and they we're kinda disappointed and they are like regretting for me having a haircut. "Nakakapanghinayang, sayang!". I just say "It will still grow, don't worry."

Some thinks that I have a haircut because I am moving on from a heart break, just like what other girls do. Hey! No, no, I am positively and absolutely happy with my disposition now!

To answer your questions here are the facts

1. For a change
2. My hair is so long and you can even step on it (haha)
3. For our retro party

Is it now clear? :D

I am not sure if they love it or not but I am just enjoying my new look. Actually, there are two celebrities that they call me now and here they are:

Nasaan ka ELISA?


Yes, my churchmates call me Yeng because we met her in person in a Nation Transformers last Dec. 21, 2011. 

And I really loved and enjoyed being labeled with these two lovely persons.

Time to change,

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