About the Author

Hello everyone!

I'm Shey, 21 yrs. old.

I AM NOT AN OUTSTANDING BLOG WRITER: I improperly place punctuations. I have a hard time choosing the right prepositions and sometimes I am off-grammar. My apologies. But still I'm in the process of learning (through experience). I already dedicate myself to write on things that entice me to share to everyone. I believe that through blogging I freely express my thoughts and ideas. The words that I utter here are the exact thoughts that blow on my mind. Writing a diary has never been exciting like this before!

I'm currently an SEO Specialist in a US-based law firm.
For those who are not familiar with my work, here's a brief definition:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizer.

My job is to make my client's website be on the first page of Google and Yahoo's search result once you typed-in the 'keywords' related to my client's business services.

Being ranked as top 10 of the Google's search list results is the biggest competition happening all over the Internet nowadays. The whole purpose of SEO is to bring people to your website or increase the visibility of your websiteWe used various tools and strategies in order to do achieve our goal.

Remember this: Website alone will not be effective without SEO.


I write everything under the sun:
  • Personal experiences,
  • Adventures
  • Movie and TV,
  • Food,
  • Places
  • Life
  • God
  • etc.
I call my blog 'purpshellay' simply because I am addicted to color 'purple' and just combined with my name. I am always bias with purple. :D

Love and Kisses,

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