Friday, July 06, 2012

Feeling Young at Heart at Phil. Science Centrum

Have you ever been in an interactive and hands-on Science Museum? Well, that's the benefit you can enjoy visiting Philippine Science Centrum (PSC).

Phil. Science Centrum is located at E-Com Tower River Banks, Marikina
If you're the type of a serious and boring person, then this is not the place for you. But if you want to feel young at heart and enjoys simple yet amazing things, I would recommend you to visit this place. PSC is ideal for kids who are excited to discover and investigate everything that happens in science. From simple things, to energy, to geology and even up to astronomy. Plus, you'll get a chance to used ALL the facilities, with no additional fees. You get it right, it's really a HANDS-ON tour.
You think this cost too much? No it's not, actually taking a half and an hour tour at Philippine Science Centrum only cost P120.00($2.8). And I've got a great deal online where I had a discount of 52%. Isn't it great? Not every science tour and educational trips cost too much.

So here's my experience at PSC...

My bf and I went at PSC last Saturday. Our reservation was at 10:00am but we were so excited that's why we arrived there at 9:00am. I know we can start the tour early but it seems that nobody is roaming around and I find it a bit boring if we were the only two to take a tour. So then we ate at Jollibee - Riverbanks Branch. 

We came back at around 10:30am. I thought there will be a facilitator to guide us, but there's none. Upon giving the voucher that we availed from an online deal, the receptionist just gave us a piece of paper were our time start and time finish is written. And voila! We start our tour.

I never imagined that place was huge. There were lots of stations discussing different science wonders that kids will surely enjoy.

Take a look at some of our science learning moments:

Head on a platter

Mirror reflection: Moving one side of  you makes you look moving both sides 

The Abacus: Earliest calculation machine ever  invented

Rolling a thing

He's removing the red rope out of the maze

You can measure your weight at different planets in the solar system here,

The Space Galaxy

One side of Phil. Science Centrum

And this one is my favorite:

I wasn't able to finish it, even reach halfway of this!
Of course there is a downside in every place like this. All I know that a science museum, or a centrum is a dark place, hiding lots of mysteries. But this one is not. They are using light from outside, the place has a high roof with window glasses all over the side. And another thing, I haven't got the chance to use the magic ball, the once that makes hair straight up, the one with the goosebumps.. actually it's the static ball. haha.. It's actually there but not open by the time we visit the place.
It's me wearing wearing an astronaut costume
But over all I super enjoyed visiting this place. The entrance fee is super cheap as to compare with the learning the kids may gain here. And I would love to bring my nephews and my sister's cells to take a tour here.   

P.S. Please wait for our cool video to see our actual experience here.

Enjoy to the fullest,


  1. I would definitely visit this one day.. beautiful! A 1 day visit here is surely educational! :) Glad you enjoyed your time together. sweet bonding moments <3



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