Sunday, June 17, 2012

Family day at Starmall SJDM

It’s family day! I decided to treat the whole family. Starmall San Jose Del Monte recently opened last April, I’ve never been there so I decided to go there at Father’s day. Whoa! I really can’t believe there is already a mall established in SJDM. At first I thought it was a mini-mall, it’s not. It was huge more than I expected. And it really resembles a mall, not like what Victory Town Center at Sampol area is.

Starmall San Jose Del Monte

By this time, there are lots of stores open, but what shocked me is the biggest CD-R King store I saw in my life. Whoa! Super big! It’s bigger than in SM Fairview, SM Megamall, and in UP Ayala Technohub. I know why the owner is getting richer and richer, because they will never switch to Point-of-System (POS), computer-generated inventory and calculating system. The owner doesn’t mind the long line of people and the inventory done by their workers. (just an info to share.. :-P )

Ooops, what’s the reason why go there? Of course to celebrate the Father’s day, even we don’t have our father… L But I know, he is happy seeing us happy. We ate at tendenenen………. Chic-boy!

It’s their first time to eat at Chic-boy, me, my 2nd. The menu and the physical environment is like of Mang Inasal. Though it was not advertised in national television, is continuing to enlarge its number of branches all over Luzon, and you know what? Here at San Jose Del Monte, there are already 3 branches of Chic-boy (Muzon, Grotto and Starrnall). It’s really a blast!

No wonder why it’s moving that way, because they got the taste of Pinoy – RICE ALL YOU CAN. Who doesn’t like that? That’s the heart of the middle class Filipinos. And the meal? From appetizers, main dish, side dish, drinks and desserts, all are Filipino Cuisine. And what is the Filipinos trademark in eating? Of course it’s eating with barehands. Hahaha. And indeed, my Nanay do that while eating Liempo.

Take a look at some of their meals that we order with Rice-All-You-Can promo.

They also have not unlimited rice promo and that’s what I ordered:

It is sweet, it taste like a grilled tocino, well I can say it is better than its competitor’s recipe.

And for my side dish, Inihaw na Talong with Bagoong (P 30.00). Wow! I really love the taste of Bagoong. Super yummy!

If you would ask me what food I will be ordering next time I come back to Chic-boy, it was no other than the delightful, mouth-watering Ginisang Kangkongsa Bawang (P 35.00). I never thought a Kangkong will be as special as that. Kangkong, a leafy veggie that you see in backyards, can be that fantastic and extremely delicious. I might appear like over acting but why don’t you try it, for sure you will also love it! You know what’s their secret? They sautéed it in Chicken Inasal’s oil.

In my conclusion I loved my experience at Chic-boy. It captured the taste of Pinoys so it is no wonder why they have lots of customers. This restaurant is highly recommended for those who want to have a quality meal at a cheap price.

p.s. photos are soon to upload.. pls. be patient. :)

Enjoy your family bonding,

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