Saturday, June 09, 2012

Brunch at Army Navy & Fun Activity at Laser Maxx

There was a successful launching of website with one of our clients, and for that the PFSweb, the company were I work decided to treat the whole Demandware team: Developers, Designers and QAs. It was a brunch(breakfast and lunch) at Army Navy and a fun activity at Lazer Maxx - LazerTag Arena.

From Ortigas, we travel to Greenhills, and honestly it’s my first time to go there. We were composed of about 40+ participants, so lucky for Army Navy they were chosen for our brunch. We were served with ice tea, fries and burger.
Army Navy's Freedom Fries (P 65.00) and LiberTea (P 65.00)

At first I wonder why the foods are served that way: A round aluminum plate with a paper, fries in a rectangular box, no labels written; burger is wrapped with an aluminum foil; only the ice tea is I think well presented. I asked myself, why do they serve this way? It’s sort of cheap. Did our Bosses hold our budget a bit? I know they won’t bring us to a cheap resto. But hellooooooooo!!!! After wandering sometime, I paused for a moment and soon I realized that hey I am at Army Navy. Again, it’s Army Navy. Army + Navy.. Ooops… the restaurant’s theme was about soldiers! They designed their meal and food packaging based on soldiers’ way of eating. I’m such slow. Haha

On my verdict, I love their fries, which they labeled as 'freedom fries', flavored in cheese, in tiny and long strips.
I and my officemates enjoying Army Navy's meal

Their burger was so big, with veggies and huge meat. But the taste really doesn’t get my type, but it was not bad. 
Army Navy's Burger (P 115.00)

The ice tea, which they called 'Libertea', was not that sweet, and its flavor is not so common, but I think it’s ok. As I’ve read, their ice tea is imported. Sossy!

Overall though they don’t get my taste it was still fine. Maybe my taste is for Filipino cuisine, theirs is of American. Most of my officemates were unable to finish eating their burgers and fries, but me, I left my plate nothing but the wrappers and papers. The meal was really suited for masculine. Not for ladies, but I am exceptional. Haha
Big bite for Army Navy's Burger
After our tummies were filled at Army Navy we then proceed to Lazer Tag arena. We play in 3 batches because per game they can only accommodate 24 persons. I was at the first batch, we had two teams: red and green, and I belonged to the red.
Waiting for our turn in Lazer Tag Arena at Lazer Maxx
Lazer tag game at Lazer Maxx only runs in a 15-minute battle. But for me, it seems like 30 minutes. That was such a breath-taking experience! It was like running and fighting for your life. You have no choice but to shoot your opponents.
Red Team - Lazer Tag at Lazer Maxx
At the end of the game red team won. Wohooo!!! And out of 18 participants, I ranked 9 – not bad. J

But here’s the down side, after the game my legs were shaking. I had a hard time going down stairs. It seems I might fall anytime. My arms, flank, and thighs were extremely in pain, and it lasted for 4 days! The lesson I learned: Never play Lazer Tag without warm-up, prepare your body or you might suffer the pain me and my PFSweb officemates have. Geez!

I really, really love to come back and play at Lazer Maxx - Laser Tag Arena again, and this time, with friends and family. 

Live life at its fullest,

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