Monday, December 26, 2011

Purple Madness

Purple has been with me since elementary. And when I'm in highschool there I realized that it was my favorite color, not pink nor yellow that I thought I really love. (That's how power rangers influenced me as a kid.. haha).

Since then I love to collect purple stuffs, to wear and eat anything purple. I have always been biased with purple. Whenever I see any shades of it (lavender, lilac, violet) it totally drive away my stress. It brightens my day. It has always been an apple of my eye, the subject of my affection.


And now I want to present the latest purple stuffs that I have, all I gathered only this December:

First, my card reader.

This is not actually my first choice but since it's purple, though a bit costly compare to others at CDR King, still I bought it.

Next is my hanky, care of Natasha..

Next is my watch.

I bought this purple watch as an accessory to my retro fashion on our Christmas Party. I was not able to buy big purple bangles and found these in Nova Market. This is in trend now since its strap is magnetic where you can twist and tap around your wrist with no locks needed.

Third, is my devotion notebook.

Devotion notebook is where I write my daily moment with God, reading His scriptures. I covered my notebook with purple symbolizing how important and how rich the teachings I am gaining everyday reading bunch of New Testament's chapters.

Lastly, my Globe Tattoo Broadband.

This belongs on my wishlist on our Corporate Christmas Party, thanks to Miss Maya (Our HR) for picking my no.1 item on the list. :D

Truly Purple Addict,

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