Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb-ibig Commercial Characters

This coming February 26, 2012 there will be a Youth Convergence with the Theme: FEB-IBIG. The event will be participated by all the Bethel Churches at San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. Every youth is encouraged to join in this Bethel Global Outreach (BGO) hosted event.

As part of the program, the production team comes up with making a short commercial about the topic that tackles “True love waits”. And I will show in this blog the chosen actors and actresses with their respective characters.

The Rockstar: Yours Truly

I was inspired by Yeng Constantino’s Fashion Style. Supposedly I’m about to wear shorts but I consider some factors and come up with wearing pants. (Playing safe) :D

The Cosplayer: Honey Jean

She was so cute having pigtails and wearing a Kikay skirt with leggings. She looks innocent and young.

The Explorer: Calai

This is her natural peg that’s why we choose her to be an actress. Cool and rock!

The Brainy: Dessa

This is a dream come true for her: To portray as a brainy student. Thanks to her glasses that made that illusion. J

The Fashionista: Phie

I called her Madam during the shoot as she walks and carries herself like a Sossy Fashionista. The sun is so high as she wear my shades. 

The Director: Jonathan

In reality he is the director of this commercial. Haha. He is the brain of this commercial thing!

The Nice Guy: Kuya Audie

Supposedly he is an MVP Player but since it’s kinda awkward and do not match other characters, he go turned out to be the nice guy. He was one of the pioneer actors at BGO.

The Magician: Jeff

Supposedly he will dress in KPop attire but since he did not prepared he just worn his typical outfit, the one for a magician on stage.

The KPop: Jerick

The Kpop in our group. His oufit did not achieve the look hence he still have this chinito eyes which saved him. Haha

Honestly this shoot was not prepared that much since we just came from celebrating our church anniversary last February 12. We were not totally dressed according to the characters assigned for us. We even only used a digital camera for the shooting but I am pretty sure that we are good actors and actresses. I believe each of us at least portrayed our role very well. And I assure you that our video editor will bring out the best in presenting our short, meaningful and cool commercial. We will not let this commercial ruined the success for the Feb-ibig event. :-p

The shooting was just short and I’m looking for more. But that doesn’t mean I am not satisfied. I super duper ultra mega enjoyed the company of the production team and selected actors and actresses. The whole shooting has lots of laughter and stories to share. I am looking forward to shoot again for another event.  J

Enjoy Acting,

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