Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Celebration at Gringneth Restaurant

As a celebration for my younger sister's graduation day, we ate at Gringneth-Rd.1 Branch. We decided to eat there because we know that Jollibee and Mang Inasal will be jump-packed with graduates celebrating too.

And yes, I am not disappointed. Infact, I was ultimately satisfied. Nothing beats my favorite meal: Gringneth's Kare-Kare is the best.

It's like tasting a bit of heaven here on earth, indeed. Whoa! It is much more yummier, tastier and delightful than the expensive Max's Kare-Kare which cost for about P358.00. 
Once you've tasted it you will feel that a peanut melts on your mouth. It's really creamy and tasty even without putting the bagoong. And speaking of their bagoong, it's not too sweet nor too salty, it really matches their Kare-kare. Tuwalya (cow's skin) is the meat used for this meal, which is so easy to slice and chew joining together with veggies. Perfect!

Gringneth Restaurant is famous in our city. It was a nipa hut-style restaurant that caters many famous and classic Filipino-style delicacies, sweets and drinks. Their specialty is the Valenciana.

Mix Valenciana and Barbeque

 Valenciana, as everyone knows is an arroz meal. It is made from malagkit (thick rice) typically dyed with yellow and with the mixture some hotdogs, liver, green peas, etc. and with soy sauce as a partner. 

But it is quite different here in City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.When you ordered valenciana you will have a chicken meal with yellow rice. It would not be complete without calamansi and soysauce. Well, I don't know how they cooked this way, it doesn't matter for me as long as it tastes good. Hehe.

I love their barbeque. It was juicy and sweet. One piece of barbeque (P25.00) can already satisfy you a meal. It taste the best next to Kubo Royale's bbq.

I also ordered one of my favorite viands, Lumpiang Sariwa. It was sort of sossy because they did not used the classic lumpia wrapper sold in market. And what it contains? Some camote, carrots, and other veggies with shrimps. Fresh and healthy! Yum yum!

Lumpiang Sariwa
They used peanut as a topping. The sauce was uh! Sweet and yummy. The only problem that I have is that they serve only little amount of sauce which makes me feel bitin!

As a dessert, we ordered 2 leche plan for P120.00 each. It's good but I tasted something weird on it. Bad, I forgot to took photo of it.

Over all for 8 persons, we just spend P725.00. Not so expensive as to compare if we eat in famous restaurants and yet it can still satisfy our tummies and my cravings. Cheap price yet heavy and delightful meal!

The next time I'll be back there I'll make sure to take a photo of their menu. Gringneth Restaurant has 3 branches (as I know)in CSJDM: Rd.1, Karyapay and San Jose.

P.S.I am so proud of my sister as she received the Best in English award. Congratulations dear!



  1. I've been to Manila and tried filipino food -- like kare-kare, isaw, and lechon. Philippines has one of the best cuisine.

    1. Hi Mei Mei, where are you from? You are definitely right!
      Have you tried our Adobo? It is our famous dish all over the world. :D

  2. Hi... Masarap nga jan sa Gringneth... Diyan ko rin dinadala mga bisita ko, sa branch naman nila sa San Jose. Ang paborito ko jan ay papaitan... :)

    Nga po pala, if ever may time po kayo, pls visit my blog:



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