Monday, January 09, 2012

My Greatest Support System

This is the article I submitted on my School of Leaders 1 assignment. It was about my family, my deepest thoughts and I want to share it with you.

 I was born on a simple yet complete family.  I have a loving mother, a handsome father, 2 gorgeous sisters and 1 responsible brother.

We are not a perfect family. My mom is a jolly, caring, loving, responsible and supporting and as they say, she was very hospitable. She has this power to please other people (how I wish I’ve got at least a little of that, hehe). She was the type of a mother that I couldn’t ask for more. She chose to stay inside our house to take care of us rather than talking with “chismis” outside. She was the wind beneath my wings.

On the other hand, my father is sort of opposite to my mother. He was less responsible, and he got this vices: smoke and alcohol. And those vices seemed to be the barrier for a perfect family. Sometimes, I think he is immature, because he values more time and energy to his friends rather his own family. Like a typical story, my dad works and he has a lesser time for us.
In simplest thoughts, my mom is good and my dad is wicked. That’s how I look at them when I was young.

Since I was elementary and highschool I am jealous with my classmates whenever they talk about their father. Their father is sweet, a good provider, without vices. Whoa! That’s 180 degrees opposite of mine! And yes, I have never been proud of talking about him before (with emphasis).

But I am not mad at my father, because he made me who I am now. I would never be this motivated, strong and straight without him. And looking on the brighter side, I salute my father, for inheriting a good face. :D

As I matured and the people around me mature, I have learned to share what my family was. And glad there are some families who have the same situation, or even not, still their family is not a perfect one.

And then I realized, bad and good personality matches, God will not give you what you have, but will gve you what you need. I think those two differences did not made my mom and dad collide, as the saying goes, “opposite attracts”.

The lost of my father two years ago was like the worst nightmare I’ve ever had and how I wish I could wake up soon from that. Days before he died I was with him, taking care of him, offering a massage and feed him up. So at least, I thank God I served my father in the last days of his life.

That situation was an eye-opener to me. Since then I learned to value more what family means and realize that life is too short, I should not waste it and just enjoy. I have learned to give all the love that should be given to my father to my mother. I became mature enough to fix what seems to be broken family. I realized the purpose of living: to build relationships.

Glad I met another happy and healthy family from a friend of mine. I saw how bonded and sweet their family was and how I wish had the same type of family. And as a matured one, I started the change in our family. I became sweeter with my Mom and siblings. I hug them, kiss them, and send them my sweet nothings. Honestly, when I’m with them, I act and talks like a kid, such as tantrums and lambing of a kid, I do that. Because I believe that is the best way to be submitted to my family, to act like a kid, and that is really effective on my part. On my mom’s eyes, we are still the kids that 
she used to feed up and care.

As of now, I, my younger sister, together with my Mom was left staying in our own house. My eldest sister and her family go here occasionally, my brother works in Manila. But the distance doesn’t separate the love that we had from each other.

I can say that my family is a good support system, most especially my mother. She is always and will always be my number 1 fan (but she’s my idol, too). I really honor my Mom; she was my shock absorber and my crying shoulder whenever I’m falling. Her faith on me was greater than what I expect.

They are really my inspiration, my priority next to God. How I would love to go home early from work to see my mom and Cheche and sleep with them in the same room. Though I and Cheche quarrels I know that she feels how I love her, how I want her to grow on the right way.
God putted me in an imperfect family so we will build this together to extract the innermost and great personality that has to bloom. There’s no other place like home.


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