Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My first Timex 5km Marathon

Time is running: the slogan for this year’s Timex Marathon held last Jan. 22,2012 at Bonifacio Global City. . I was there with my 7 co-employees, Boss and the other 13,000+ participants. The star-studded event was joined by the fabulous Ms. Tessa Prieto, ex-PBB housemate Will Devaughn, Berwin Meily the magician, Senator  Pia Cayetano and no other than Timex’ endorser, Piolo Pascual who ran 10k for only 47.50 minutes.

Just take a look at my outfit for this event. You see I’m not really a professional runner. I not wearing a running shoes and I am wearing a maong shorts. That’s what I called: ‘Porma at tiis ganda’. But I am so grateful I now have a suitable singlet(jersey) XS size for me. It’s also a dream come true. Haha

I just joined simply for fun and bonding with my co-employees.

The marathon was divided into 16km, 10km, and 5km and km is my option. Imagine 5k…
Can you imagine I run and walk a road greater than the minimum amount paid in jeepney for P 8.00! While I’m on my journey just there I realized that I will be running that far. This was my first 5k marathon ever!

A shot of the runners:

At first me and my co-employees where together until the gun signed the start of the race. I thought we will run together, waiting for each other but we ran individually. At my first kilometer I was good at running, with a bit of walking. I don’t want to be the least to finish the race so I make it a point that I have a good start. Knowing that 5m is very long I don’t need to exert so much effort on the first km, I just chill and feel the cold weather. On the next kilometer I’m almost loosing my breath so walking fast is longer than running.

Before passing 3km there was a station for water and Powerade energy drink. Thanks to that, It relieved my thirst. And what I didn’t expect is along the way I met Candice and Vesper (my workmates) who left me behind in the beginning. See? It’s not the point of origin that counts, not even the destination, it’s the journey that counts. J

Since my tummy is heavy with the water and Powerade I intake I walked for the whole 3km run and I planned to run at 4km. But another station entice me to have another shot of Powerade that’s why I wasn’t able to run again at the whole 4km. Candice and Vesper already left me since they are beating of who between them will finish the race first.

The last km was the most exciting part most especially seeing the “FINISH” spot. I made it. I made it to finish the 5km run. Yahoo!!! I finished my 5km run at 50.20 minutes. I thought I’ll be doing that in 30 minutes. Whoa! I’m so day dreamer (hehe).

Here’s a shot of me and my co-employees and boss sat down at the parking lot. We were oh so very tired. There were no benches available around.

Here’s the token the 5km runners received:

Here’s the token for 16km:

Because of this, next time I’ll try to run on a longer km. Joke!

Timex also gave more than (not sure) 30 pieces of Timex Watch. And it was Mark’s day because he just won a watch. Can you believe that? Out of more than 13,000 participants, his number was picked. Whoa! He is really blessed.

Of course the Company bonding won’t be complete without eating and drinking. So for our next stop: Food court at Market Market. We walked just to get there and enjoyed sight seeing.

Take a look at these shots:

I believe all of us enjoyed this simple bonding though we are incomplete. There will be a next time for this for sure, maybe a marathon by Northface, Adidas and many more national marathons. My Boss is also willing to join the company a marathon if there’s in Baguio City. Looking forward for more bonding! So we will drive away being serious at work once a while and gather together to join events like this. The funny thing about these kinds of events is that we pay for it for us to get tired. Haha

P.S. And for the record here is my rank among those 5km run based on Timex Run 2012:

Alive and Running,

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