Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dinner at Pizza Hut

For a long window shopping at Mall of Asia, I found myself hungry and craving for pizza. What’s my first restaurant choice? It’s Pizza Hut.

My craving for pizza lost when I’ve seen these mouthwatering photos of pasta and I realized I’m stocked in menu’s pasta section. Fettuccine was my favorite pasta recipe and wherever restaurant I go I want to eat their rendition of my favorite creamy dish. Since I already tasted it here, now I tried this unfamiliar pasta dish to me, the Three-Cheese Ravioli (Php 189.00/ USD 4.40).

Three-Cheese Ravioli is a combination of ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses with a creamy, flavorful filling. It tastes good and yummy but the sauce for me was a bit strong and maybe that’s the reason why I did not left my plate empty (or maybe, I am takaw-tingin).

Uly has ordered Pork Barbeque Rice (Php 199.00/ USD 4.62) . It is not the typical pork barbeque on stick rather it is glazed pork ribs in BBQ sauce served over steamed rice sliced in tiny bits which I prefer is better. It has less creamy sauce so it is not messy and hassle to eat. But according to him, it still satisfies his mouth and he’s looking for extra rice but decided to eat the left viand alone. I also tasted it, and I can say it’s really yummy.

For the drinks, I ordered Caribbean Smoothie (Php 89.00 / USD 2.06). It was like a combination of tropical fruits shake with a scoop of ice cream on top and a weird toppings which I don’t know the name. 

Uly’s drink was the Dulce de Leche (Php 89.00 / USD 2.06). It was like a caramelized candy blended with milk shake with a scoop of ice cream. Both are delicious but I loved Dulce de Leche’s taste more rather than what I ordered. :D

The service at Pizza Hut – MOA branch was better than in SM Megamall. Our meal was served on time. The very welcoming staffs are very nice and approachable. And for the final verdict, our plates after meal speak; just take a look at these shots. :D

This was my first food blog ever. I enjoyed eating those stuffs as well as sharing to you my experience. This happened on Sep. 09, 2011(Fri) from 20:23:28 – 21:09:22 - (recorded from the receipt). Happy 6th years of a roller coaster connection!

Love and Kisses,

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