Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cool Long Weekend with Coca Cola Glasses

Coca Cola glasses collectibles is our bonding partner for a very cool long weekend.

We can’t afford to take a vacation on Boracay, have an Asian tour, or even go to Enchanted Kingdom to celebrate the long weekend. Our family stayed in the house, we bond playing Angry Birds, scrutinizing the features of my Kuya’s newly bought Samsung Wave cellphone and eating meals together with the limited edition, Coca Cola glasses.

It was the first time we used the 6 collectible glasses offered by Mcdo. In order to avail it, I have to buy a meal. Each meal I bought costs about P 64+ plus P 25 per glass is equal to P 500+. That’s a bit costly for 6 glasses, but it’s all worth it. This is the perfect partner while having a great time with family and friends.

Remember this: Color Has an Impact on the Choices You Make.
6 colors for 6 different personalities, here it all goes.

I choose Purple, because it’s my favorite. Purple is always associated with royalty, which somehow actually defines my personality. I’d love to live in a prosperous life, I even dreamed of becoming a princess since I was young, and even now I enjoy wearing a crown. I love to live in fantasy, and making it the reality. Purple is also related to wisdom and creativity and I believe I possess them both.

Kuya Arvel chose Charcoal, or black (it is not a color). This color means power and mystery, as it has to reveal something or can be a symbol of concealing. I find my brother sort of a mysterious guy because he seldom shares story. When we talk, sometimes he just nods, just says ‘ah, ok’, I just receive short words from him, but that doesn’t mean he don’t care at all, maybe because he is the type of guy who wants to talk less. And that’s what charcoal color is all about; he has this sense of potential and responsibility and I really portray the brother role in our family.

Sheryl, my youngest sister chose color Pink, her favorite. Pink means self worth and love, and acceptance. That’s what my sister‘s personality reveals. She’s the one who loves to talk more to people, I know that she loves herself a lot, and she always wants to please of everybody even though it’s tough.  And color pink, like her, also brings aggressive behavior and friendly. She’s a fighter, and a leader, just like me. :D

Jhon Jhon, my cousin used the Blue glass. This as they say is the coolest color ever, like the clouds in the sky. He is cool, super cool when he said to me one time, “I am naughty but I am God-fearing”.  Too young to know the problems of the universe, he just enjoys everything in life. And as color blue represents, it lets us look beyond and increase our communication. My couz indeed needs a serious communication and I do go beyond the circumstances to get in touch with him just like reaching the blue sky.

My Mommy, chose her favorite color, Lime (green shades). Since I was a kid she loves to buy stuffs with color green: kitchen plastic wares, all our curtains are green, even the arinola (basin) is green! Because to her, green means money. Lime also means motivation, prosperity, hope and growth. And with my mom’s character I believe she possesses all of these positive thoughts as she raise her kids very well and respected persons. Talking about prosperity? We are almost there, I believe.

There’s one color and available, the Green glass. Yeah, its definition is same as lime.

Meet our family:

We all enjoy our lunch together with my Mom’s specialty: Nilagang baka. It’s a delicious and mouth watering Filipino dish for a cool and rainy Sunday.

The long weekend, even though it is lack for a fantastic rest day was a great moment to spend time with family and love ones. I’m looking forward to another long weekend. Oops, I think that’s two months from now, Undas (All Saints’ Day)!

I’m also looking forward to use these glasses together with my BFFs, the efoehday. Oh! I miss them so much!

Hey! What’s your coca cola glass?

Love and Kisses,

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